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Tangihanga and funerals

New Zealand Government – Death and Bereavement

Online guide to finding and using government services, including services you may need to interact with when a loved one passes away.




Community Law

The online Community Law Manual includes a chapter aimed at helping families and whānau when a loved one has died. It explains the kinds of things that will need to be done – from making sure all the paperwork for the burial or cremation is completed, to later steps like dealing with the deceased’s will and property. It also explains who is involved in different processes, what things may need to be taken into consideration and who can carry out different responsibilities:



The Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand

The Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand has a searchable database of funeral directors in New Zealand. It also has some useful information about what to do when someone dies:



Citizens Advice Bureau

The Citizens Advice Bureau have information on their website about your rights, including rights in relation to deaths and funerals. Use the link below and type terms, such as funeral and death, into the search function:



Work and Income New Zealand

In some cases, whānau may be eligible to apply for a funeral grant from WINZ to assist with some funeral costs. The funeral grant is income and asset tested:



Veterans’ Affairs

If your loved one was a military member (current or past) of the New Zealand Defence Forces or NZ Armed Forces, and depending on their circumstances, your whānau may be eligible to apply for entitlements from Veterans’ Affairs, including a one-off funeral grant, plaque and headstone funding and other entitlements.


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