Pae Herenga Study

Research Participants

Pae Herenga Research Participants

Our deepest gratitude goes to the individuals and whānau who participated in the Pae Herenga research project. The Pae Herenga study was designed to interview whānau (including older people with a life limiting illness), tohunga/matakite (spiritual practitioners), rongoā healers (including people who provide traditional healing such as mirimiri/massage and rongoā rākau/plant medicines), and Māori health professionals. We conducted 61 interviews with whānau and individuals who agreed to take part in the study across four geographical areas; Mid-North, Hawkes Bay, Wellington and Whanganui. Participants gave both written and verbal consent to use their quotes, photos and digital stories. Some participants chose to be anonymous and so they selected an alias (fake name) or one was assigned by the research team. The majority of participants were aged between 40-70 years old. Participants wanted to share their stories and end of life caregiving experiences to support other whānau and health and palliative care professionals.

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