Pae Herenga Study

Community Research Collaborators

The study was further supported by people with expertise in specific areas:

Dr Amohia Boulton, Māori community research

Donna Kerridge, Rongoā spokesperson

Susan Reid, Māori health literacy

Professor Heather McLeod, palliative care research

Dr Keri Ratima, G.P and Palliative Care

Dr Melissa Carey, Te Ārai member, nurse and post-doctoral fellow

Four regions were included in the study

Our research team received support from respected community members and kaumātua as well as local hospices. Community research collaborations were formed with hospices from the:

Arena and Hana Munro (Taupiripiri Trust) , Mid-North community
Mid North Hospice

Hawkes Bay
Francis Te Pou (former cultural advisor to Cranford Hospice)
Anita Rarere, Hawkes Bay community
Katie Durbin, Hawkes Bay community
Cranford Hospice, Hawkes Bay

Marilyn Vreede, Whanganui community

Wellington Bay and Kapiti Coast
Vanessa Eldridge, Wellington community
Mary Potter Hospice


Research academics from the community:

Dr Amohia Boulton

Dr Keri Ratima

Professor Heather McLeod

Specialist skills and expertise:

Donna Kerridge, Rongoā spokesperson/practitioner

Susan Reid, Māori health literacy

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